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We're excited to host the first event for EGA's affinity group The Collective with a panel of female leaders in localization. Our panelists will be sharing their experiences and discussing the current state of women in localization. Gisele Garbin Guerra will be moderating the session.

Stay tuned. More panelist to be announced.


  • Gisele B. Garbin Guerra (Localization Project Manager / Quality and Training Lead at Plint)

    Gisele B. Garbin Guerra

    Localization Project Manager / Quality and Training Lead at Plint

  • Andrea Nieto (Managing Director of Centauro)

    Andrea Nieto

    Managing Director of Centauro

    With a Bachelor degree in Broadcasting Management and a Masters in Journalism, Andrea has been Managing Director of Centauro for the last 18 years. Based in Miami, she is responsible for
    expanding the company’s portfolio of clients seeking Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and English localization. Under her tenure Centauro was awarded the NP3 Netflix badge for Spanish Dubbing and Audio Description for the blind. Andrea and her team have localized several high profile series for Netflix including 13 Reasons Why, Cobra Kai and Dear White People, among others. She has built and strengthened the English Operations division in Miami by offering Creation of English
    Voices as original language for animation projects in development. Centauro Miami is also currently dubbing into English several live action series for streaming platforms in the US. Among clients and voice talents, Centauro is recognized for its high technical and artistic standards, as well as its business integrity. Centauro Group owns and operates studios in Sao Paulo, Bogotá, and Miami, which for over 45 years combined have offered localization, audio
    description, closed caption, M&E creation, foley, ADR as well as production services. Andrea started in the TV industry at a young age when she became a writer for Produ, the leading
    B2B magazine for the Spanish Speaking Television industry. Under this post, Andrea traveled extensively throughout Latin America, the US and Europe and launched Produ Niños. She was then
    promoted to Senior Editor.

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  • Paulette Pantoja (CEO of Blu Digital Group)

    Paulette Pantoja

    CEO of Blu Digital Group

  • Seçil Atalay (Lokalist)

    Seçil Atalay


    Born in 1984 in Berlin, Germany to Turkish immigrant parents, I grew up bilingually. I developed a passion for languages very early on, my teachers noticed this and recommended I learn as many languages as possible as early as possible. By the time I started university, I was speaking Turkish, German, English, French and Spanish fluently. I professionally learned Italian at university and became a French & Italian into German and Turkish translator. My other big passion (movies) made me find myself in the localization industry where languages and movies meet. I started as a subtitle QC at Deluxe in London after graduating from university and had various other roles after that, still within Deluxe (Translation Coordinator, Account Coordinator, Bookings Executive). After that I started working at VSI London as a Project Manager for the Netflix desk. The Turkish studio that VSI were using for all their Turkish dubbing work (which they later bought and turned into VSI Istanbul) was co-founded and managed by my now husband with whom we started our own dubbing & subtitling studio in early 2017 (LOKALİST). We’ve been in business ever since working with known vendors on exciting titles, but we also do theatrical dubbing.

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  • Marlies Schortinghuis (Director of Activation, Executive Chairman Office at Iyuno  SDI  Group)

    Marlies Schortinghuis

    Director of Activation, Executive Chairman Office at Iyuno SDI Group